Soupy hot summer days are par for the South.  It was one of those days and I was dropping my car off for repairs.  I received a phone call from a potential bride and asked if I could call her back when I returned to my office.  This complete stranger only heard "car" and "repair" and immediately asked if I needed a ride, she was concerned the heat was just "too much".   It wasn't a knee jerk response.  That is who Amber is.  Kind, considerate, genuine.  A bride like this deserves a man-mirror and she found it in Ben.  Did I forget the word humble?  Yah, they have that covered too. Their celebration at Mt. Lebanon Chapel in Airlie Gardens was a perfect reflection of who they are with simplicity, elegance and a focus on celebrating with friends and family.  It was a gift to meet these two and their whole tribe and a complete honor to photograph the first day of their new status.  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kerr, forever is looking mighty shiny.   (more…)


Sarah Beth and Aaron decided an Engagement Session at Lucas Farmhouse would compliment their rustic wedding celebration plans at the new Long Creek Barn right down the road.  No argument as I'm always on board when lovely people want to share their joy and energy here!  The space doesn't allow for anything other than relaxation and Sarah Beth and Aaron quickly settled in to me stalking them around the property.  So easy to photograph the way they playfully tease each other and even their sarcasm doesn't hide the true admiration they have for one another.  I am eager to document the wedding fun and can't wait to see the magic that their planner Roberta Danford brings to the day!


  Tears.  Dirty Feet.  More tears.  Probably not how you would describe a typical family photo session.  That's the whole point! I never feel like a Farmhouse Session is complete until an injury or at at least a minor meltdown occurs.  I'm happy to pose your family in a little cluster all looking at the camera but is that what you're going to frame and hang on your wall?  Wouldn't you rather have your heart do a little yippy skippy jump when you revisit your family images years from now?  Trust me, we will do both and then some.   I've had way too much fun following this family from their engagement to the arrival of their beautiful newest addition.  This Party of Five is having fun, embracing all the sweet little moments of life and the hurdles too.  Encouraging independence and free will with manners and respect is a tightrope.  They're doing it with laughter and I am always amazed and thrilled to be invited to watch.