Soupy hot summer days are par for the South.  It was one of those days and I was dropping my car off for repairs.  I received a phone call from a potential bride and asked if I could call her back when I returned to my office.  This complete stranger only heard “car” and “repair” and immediately asked if I needed a ride, she was concerned the heat was just “too much”.   It wasn’t a knee jerk response.  That is who Amber is.  Kind, considerate, genuine.  A bride like this deserves a man-mirror and she found it in Ben.  Did I forget the word humble?  Yah, they have that covered too.

Their celebration at Mt. Lebanon Chapel in Airlie Gardens was a perfect reflection of who they are with simplicity, elegance and a focus on celebrating with friends and family.  It was a gift to meet these two and their whole tribe and a complete honor to photograph the first day of their new status.  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Kerr, forever is looking mighty shiny.


All Photographs Copyright © 1of13 Photography

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