Many years ago I had a client that used the term "Spirited Young Lady".  I liked it.  I stole it.  I only employ it when it applies to a child that deserves it.  There is something to be said for adults that surround a child with love but give them boundaries and this family does it to perfection.  "Spirited" is the best description for Sophia.  I'm usually prepared for chasing children, rolling around, bribery if needed.  What a pro!  She didn't need anything other than a little coaxing.  Following direction was natural for her and she wasn't afraid to do her own thing.  Did I mention she did it in awesome kicks?  I begged to borrow her groovy red clogs but she wasn't having any of it.  If you will trust me and relinquish some control, your family is sure to shine...especially if you have a "Spirited" youngun along for the ride. dsc_0028-copy dsc_0111 dsc_0127 dsc_0277 dsc_0290 dsc_0345 dsc_6702 dsc_6756 dsc_6771 dsc_6772 dsc_6778 dsc_6783 dsc_6804 dsc_6829 dsc_6846 dsc_6852 dsc_6868 dsc_6875 dsc_6892 dsc_6919 dsc_6963 dsc_7036 dsc_7055 dsc_7140 dsc_7205 dsc_7214


DSC_5380 copyDSC_5200 copy When Lesley from The Barn at Rock Creek invited me to participate in a styled shoot, my feet left the floor. I not only adore the team there for their creativity but flexibility and level of professionalism. As she described the goal and the team of vendors she had arranged my heart started beating even faster. If "Relaxed Elegance" isn't a "thing" is now. So many brides ache for a blend of artistry that isn't too stuffy, a celebration that says "This is kind of a big deal" and "Relax, have fun." Celebrate the two of you deciding to spend a life together, share it with your friends and family! Oh, and if delicious tones of golds, pinks and corals and intentionally mismatched decor happen to abound? Even better my friends. Want to know the people that collaborated?  The hardworking team of Barn at Rock Creek, Party Suppliers and Rentals for linens, The Confectionary, (cake devoured by mad-crazy-beautiful models post shoot). Designs by Amber Lanier for florals and overall "I will sink my teeth in to this party" feel, Coastal Knot for the gowns and accessories. Handsome model men dressed by Men's Wearhouse. All that beautiful hair and gorgeous makeup? Check out Emily Rodriguez of Ward Hair and Nail and Adrianne Lugo Professional Hair and Makeup. That wicked goldish-champagne ride? Thanks Azalea Limousine. Let's play again soon!DSC_4635 copyDSC_4376 copyDSC_0629 copy DSC_5243 copyDSC_0294 copyDSC_4736 copyDSC_0675 copyDSC_4399 copyDSC_4842 copyDSC_5301 copyDSC_5457 copyDSC_5251 copyDSC_4787 copyDSC_5103 copyDSC_4517 copyDSC_5423 copyDSC_5491 copy DSC_5476 copyDSC_0428 copyDSC_5257 copyDSC_4544 copy

When your client is more important than your ego…

Recently my friend Candy called me to tell me her daughter Piper had won a girl's dress design contest.  The prize was a custom made version of her vision.  The designer also wanted some photographs of Piper in the dress.  When Candy suggest we shoot here at the farmhouse I was excited!  I've always loved playing with juxtaposition in fashion.  Gritty with glamour, menswear with floral and pearls, fancy with rustic.  No 0011 Candy Hayes DressUnfortunately I knew within five minutes of shooting Piper in her fancy dress at the farmhouse it was probably NOT what the designer was looking for.  Call it a strength, call it a weakness...I couldn't get past Piper's adorable personality to "honor" the design.  I'm just not a studio style photographer. Sure enough the designer was looking for simple catalogue looking images.  Fortunately there is no shortage of photography talent in the area and I am not above stepping aside if I can't deliver.  I suggested Candy contact my friend Matt McGraw.  He has a new studio in Wilmington called "Snap Snap Portrait Studios" Have a peek at the results!  Big sister Carson was so proud of Piper we made sure she was included too!  I think you'll agree the results are quite different. No 0020 Candy Hayes DressDSC_4042DSC_3995farmstack6Applause and gratitude for "Snap Snap", I am gladDSC_0034 they were able to fill the request!   No 0026 Candy Hayes Dress  

Blog or Brag

Blog. It's always kinda sounded like "BRAG" to me. I'm going to bite the bullet. With my new web site I will share stories of adorable families and brides and babies. I will look my paranoia in the face and beg it to back down so that I may utilize this tool for business. Be advised: As always a session with me is not complete unless there are tears, muddy feet or bloody appendages. Still in? Stay tuned.

Its Saturday!

It's Saturday. I'm not with a joyful bride in a big white dress. My trigger finger is itchy. Let's nail traditional for bridal portrait but can we also exhale into something else? Thanks Laura. My camera loves confidence.
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