I like my nieces.  Not just because they’re my sister’s children.  I genuinely adore spending time with them.  They’re witty, a tad snarky and usually game for something new.  When the very talented Terry Tomb of Eddy Maxwell Salon agreed to create some fun hair and makeup (natural beach look is their comfort zone) we decided to play dress up.  With only about 15 minutes of natural light and Campbell’s first foray in high heels, I knew we would have to hustle to catch anything.

Sometimes my vision doesn’t execute as planned….like the one time I took my two young nieces under a bridge for photos.  Add to the sense of humor that these little women possess a deep sense of compassion.  They recognized quickly that fancy dress photos in someones living space was not proper etiquette.  We nodded a few vague hellos and left the residents to concentrate on seeking warmth.  Bad call Auntie Mamie….now we only had about six minutes to play.

While they nailed “vacant model stare”, I much prefer their own sweet, silly natural look.  Don’t be surprised if we do this again with more of their cousins.  How convenient to have built in muses.  Look out Paris.


All Photographs Copyright © 1of13 Photography

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