One of the biggest perks of being a Wedding Photographer is the possibility of being invited to follow the couple as their family grows.  When Candace told me they would like to do a session with their newest addition, I was excited.  When she suggested we meet under the Oak Tree  that has been in the family for generations, my goosebumps got goosebumps!  Each time I get to follow them with a camera the fun increases and Jacob was so full of local and personal history stories I did not want it to end! This is a family that honors tradition, respects the importance of family as a team and because they parent with humor and truckloads of gratitude, it's an easy, shiny shoot for the photographer.   I'm crossing my fingers that the next time they're ready for photos they'll still count me in.    

Tiny knickers and sass down to her toes.


Daddy has the right words of encouragement.


You could park a pickup under that pout.


The original fish house that Jacob's Grandfather built.

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